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Some useful tools..

SBI RTGS Form:This is automated excel for generating SBI RTGS forms for business or organizations. for using this sheet if passkey is required use "01022018". For Download: SBIRTGS

GST INVOICE: This is Inventory cum Invoice with Present GST Model for Small enterprises. for using this sheet if passkey is required use"01022018". For Download: GST Invoice

My notes ...

CBSE Information Technology

 Engineering Geology (As per JNTUA)

Normal Interactive
Introduction Introduction
Weathering Weathering
Minerology Minerilogy
Petrology Petrology
Petrology - II Petrology - II
Structural Geology - I Structural Geology - I
Structural Geology - II
Structural Geology - III (Dams & Tunnels)
Ground water, Earthquakes & Land Slides

Engineering Geology Lab Supports:

Precious Metals

Minerology support tables

Geological Maps & Interpretation

Lab Assignment-I

Mineral Samples

Engineering Chemistry (As per JNTUA)






Lesson Plan for I Sem (R13)

JNTUA Syllabus (13A01403)

Short Answers

Unit-I (Part-A)

Unit-I (Part-B)

Unit-II (Part-A)

Lesson Plan for I Sem (R09)

Lesson Plan for II Sem (R09)

JNTUA syllabus (9ABS303)

Question Bank

Engineering Geology

Lesson Plan Theory     Lab

Syllabus copy (9A01505)

Question Bank

Fromula Sheet for ECE/TCE dept.

SGP Notes

Unit-I-Circuit Breakers

Unit-II-Circuit Breakers

EE&EC for Mechanical Department

Unit-I (Electrical Circuits)

Unit-II (DC Machines)

Unit-III (Transformers) 

AC Machines